General NMR training


Basic NMR Training Course


Procedures and Protocols

Creating a new experiment using NMR Director's experiment library

SampleCase Operation

Spooler Operation

Data processing in Topspin

Data processing in MNova NMR

Complex NMR experiments: 2D, selective, etc.

KovriginNMR Software Tools


Problems and solutions

Odd behavior of anything in Topspin. Restarting Topspin and communications with an NMR console as the first remedy

Topspin frozen.  Force-quitting Topspin



Spectrometer-specific guides


Bruker 500 (McCourtney Hall)

Bruker 400 (Stepan Chemistry Hall)

Automatic Bruker 400 (McCourtney Hall) - as a part of basic NMR training course

Varian 600

Bruker 800 with a Cryoprobe

JEOL 300 Solid State

EPR X-Band EMX spectrometer