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Force-quitting Topspin




1. Frozen Topspin? Read instructions below

If Topspin stopped responding, it means some internal error and we must force it to quit to clear the error.

IMPORTANT: Topspin uses a Bruker license for to run. If Topspin is not exited normally, the license remains tied up to that session and you CANNOT start new Topspin to control the spectrometer. To correctly release the license, follow the procedure below.


2. Launch Terminal

Navigate to the top menu bar of the Linux screen to Applications



Selelect Accessories : Terminal



You will see the Terminal window with a Linux command line:




3. Launch Bruker utility to remove frozen Topspin

On a Linux command line, type 'killtopspin'



Respond with 'y' to the question:



This action removes frozen Topspin.




4. Launch Topspin

IMPORTANT: Wait 10 seconds before you try to reopen Topspin. If you see a message box mentioning that your Topspin started as 'Datastation', this means you tried to open Topspin too soon, and the license has not been released yet. In this case: exit Topspin and start it again.


Topsin now is fully functional.

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