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Planning Solid-state MAS experiments

Please, read the following documents:


The next sections outline protocols specific to our JEOL 300 MHz MAS solid-state system.


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Preparation of a sample tube

Required sample tube: NM-05410ST32  (Zirconia, ZrO2); Order through

Sample tube packing kit: NM-02611SHP32

JEOL Sample tube manual PDF


JEOL 3.2 mm Sample Tube

This tutorial introduces the JEOL 3.2 mm ZrO2 sample tube, discusses its parts, sample volume, describes packing principles, and demonstrates an integrity test (scratch test).

Youtube link




Taking apart an empty JEOL tube

This tutorial introduces a basic technique of handling the JEOL 3.2 mm tubes.

Youtube link


Packing a sample tube without spacers (50 mm-cubed sample volume)

This tutorial shows basic technique of packing the JEOL 3.2 mm tube.

Youtube link



Unpacking the tube (without spacers) and cleaning

This tutorial shows how to unpack the JEOL 3.2 mm sample tube and clean the sample tube assembly

Youtube link




Using spacers in JEOL 3.2 mm tube to pack a smaller sample volume (27 µl or mm-cubed)

This tutorial covers handling spacers and using a packing tool to measure correct height of the sample in JEOL 3.2 mm tube.

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Preparing the sample on a benchtop spinner


NOTE: You must follow this protocol for packing the tube on a bench-top spinner or testing a prepacked tube prior to inserting it in the probe: User Protocol - Packing the sample.pdf




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Basic solid-state experiment


A standard protocol for a basic Solid-State NMR experiment



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Importing NMR data to MNova and Topspin


MNova Lite CDE







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