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Processing of NMR data in Topspin










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Downloading Bruker NMR data to a local computer


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Opening data in Topspin from the data folder on a disk

Often it is possible to just drag-and-drop the NMR datasets into the Topspin window. However, it is recommended to add your working NMR data folder into the Data Browser panel in Topspin for a quick and reliable access. To do this I need to take the following steps:

  1. I will make a folder for storage of all of my Topspin data, NMR_Data

  2. Download my data files into NMR_Data and restructure as described here   Downloading Bruker NMR data to a local computer

  3. Launch Topspin

  4. Make a right click in the File Browser area to bring the contextual menu:

  5. In a contextual menu click "Add New Data Dir"

  6. Click three dots in the dialog box to search for the NMR_Data folder:

  7. Select NMR_Data folder and click Open :

  8. In Alias field, type in NMR_Data and click OK:

  9. Data tab of the File Browser window now has NMR_Data entry:

    Any new data added to NMR_Data folder on my disk will appear in Topspin Data tab in NMR_Data.



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Processing of 1D NMR data

To process 1D NMR data, type ef on the Topspin command line. This command will perform apodization with exponential window and a Fourier transform.


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Automatic phasing

    Manual phasing

    This tutorial describes how to phase a spectrum in Topspin manually if automatic phase adjustment



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Calibrating the chemical shift axis


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Known glitches: Topspin on newer Macintosh computers does not open files

Description: Topspin files downloaded to newer Macintosh computers cannot be open in Topspin.

Explanation: Newer OS X versions direct requests for data, by default, to the Apple iCloud storage and only after that - to a local disk system. Topspin becomes confused and cannot open the files.


  1. Make a folder for storage of all of your Topspin data outside of your user folder: /Users/NMR_Data. Since it is outside of the normal user area, it is not affected by the iCloud glitch. To do this:
    • Open Finder window
    • hit Command-Shift-G (opens a dialog to enter an explicit path)
    • enter /Users, hit Go
    • hit Command-Shift-N (to make a new folder in /Users), enter your password (if needed), hit OK, enter NMR_Data as a folder name

      You created /Users/NMR_Data

  2. Download your data files into /Users/NMR_Data

  3. To properly structure your data and add the folder to Topspin Data Browser, see  Opening data in Topspin from the data folder on  a disk


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