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Basic NMR Training


This is a mandatory sequence of tutorials all new users of Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC) must take in order to pass a test to become a qualified operator of NMR instruments at MRRC. Please, view the tutorials and take notes to prepare for a quiz.


Welcome Tour


This video welcomes new users - students, postdocs, faculty, industrial researchers - to the MRRC.


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Safety and Precautions

The tutorial discusses safety aspects of NMR operation and user protocols for emergency situations.


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Booking NMR Time

This video is a brief overview of usage rules at MRRC.






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You must familiarize yourself with the complete and up-to-date MRRC booking rules:  Time Booking

Sample Handling

The tutorial introduces sample-handling protocol for new users on automated Bruker 400, and manual 500 in McCourtney Science Hall. Youtube link

This material covers Bruker 400 in Stepan Chemistry Hall with SampleCase.

Stepan 400:  SampleCase Training

Required step-by-step protocol for NMR room operation for all users

This tutorial demonstrates a required sequence of steps NMR users must follow when using NMR instruments at MRRC. The video emphasizes mandatory safety precautions and protective equipment as well as a safe process of preparing a sample for NMR analysis.


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