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EPR training, part 2, room-temperature experiments

IMPORTANT: Before you may proceed with these tutorials you must take EPR Training, part 1 (basic safety, booking, sample handling) and pass the corresponding online quiz.



Safety: Warnings and Precautions

This is the first mandatory part of the EPR training covering electric safety, fragility of the resonator insert, and a required sample tube size.

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Startup of room-temperature EPR hardware

This tutorial covers startup protocol of the EPR system for measurements at room temperature.

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EPR measurement at room temperature

This tutorial describes a basic workflow of an EPR measurement: inserting and changing a sample, tuning, recording a spectrum, and saving the data.

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This tutorial covers steps an EPR user must follow to correctly and safely shut down the room-temperature EPR system.

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Download the EPR User Checklist from this link


Download the Xenon software manual PDF from this link





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Cryogenic EPR operation

EPR spectrometer in room SCH 162 is equipped with ColdEdge cryogenic sample accessory. To use it,  a mandatory cryogenic EPR training is required. Below are links to documents and protocols for trained users.

ColdEdge WaveGuide

Cryogenic operation with inline Cold Trap







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