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Temperature calibrations for McCourtney 500 with a "main" 500 MHz probe ID 0141

These calibrations were obtained in April of 2020 for McCourtney 500 with automatic BCU-II chiller and Z119470_0141 probe (main 500 BBFO) by EK.

Dataset for plotting (column 1, VTU setting; column 2, Real T): VTU_realT.Full_range_automatic_BCUII_500.txt



McCourtney 500: Overview

Black points: measurements

Red line: reference 1:1 line

McCourtney 500: High-temperature branch

McCourtney 500: Low-temperature branch

McCourtney 500: Moderate region

McCourtney 500: High-temperature no-trust region

McCourtney 500: (Suspected) low-temperature no-trust region

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